Admirals Course Improvements 2018

Admirals & Commanders Course fairways.

Following the hottest & longest drought for the last 40 years all golf courses fairways have suffered from lack of water. Links and Heathland courses more than most. Luckily due to the finer, drought resistant grasses which are more prevalent, we are normally in a better position after the drought.  These finer grasses become dormant during drought and although the fairways may appear quite patchy, these brown areas are now beginning to send green shoots back up and we anticipate we will be back to normal by October. On a positive note, at least the extra run on the fairways will have made the course play a lot shorter and at least the greens have been  nice and soft as well.

Admirals Course Improvements 2018/19.

To complete the Mackenzie & Ebert project on the Admirals course we will begin work on the new  14th green on Friday 21st September. We anticipate this will take 10-14 days to complete. During the time of the construction players, after playing 13th green, will walk to the new tee next to the construction site and play the 14th as a par 3. Dependent upon the size of the  construction site, once  finished , we will either continue to do this or play over/around the construction site and have a drop zone in place.

Admirals 18th Hole.

We are planning to  remove the corner fencing to be able to increase the fairway width and smooth the dog leg. The Health & Safety committee have advised that we trial a temporary fence first

and monitor qty of balls clearing the new fence before any decisions are made on fence position or height.


Click HERE to see full details of the planned changes and please ask in the Pro Shop if you need any further information