Oakmere is one of the most popular and friendly clubs in the county for men and ladies and is a great place to meet new friends socially over a drink or game of golf. Oakmere boasts many advantages of becoming a member from discounted food and drink to free reciprocal golf at other local courses.

  • Up to 30% off the price of food and drink with your member’s loyalty card

  • 10% of all guest’s green fees off their annual subscription

  • Member’s priority booking up to 14 days in advance

  • Golf Societies or visitors have restrictions before 1pm weekends on the Admirals Course

  • E.G.U. approved Golf Handicaps available

  • Golf Competitions every Saturday and Sundy and two during the week all year round on the Admirals Course and frequent competitions on the Commanders Course

  • Regular social events and away days/weekends

  • Due to free draining soil, the courses are open for play more often than any other course in the county and nearly always on the main greens

  • Probably the best year-round greens in the County for the last 12 years

  • Reciprocal free golf at Buxton & High Peak and Marple Golf Clubs and only £5 green fees at Birstall and Forest Hill

Notes to Membership

Our membership year runs from 1st November to 31st October. If you join mid-term the price will be reduced pro-rata. Thereafter, subscription fees will be due annually on 1st November each year with a Direct Debit option available.

Please note annual membership prices above do not include the mandatory annual Golf Union fees.

For corporate membership please ask in the Pro Shop for details.

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Junior A (Under 18) £135 
— For juniors under 18 playing either course. Players under 12 must have a handicap of 28 or less and be accompanied by an adult or accomplished junior golfer.

Junior B (Under 18) £60
— For juniors under 18 playing the Commanders 9 hole course only.

Junior C (Under 12) £40
— For junior members of 12 years or under playing the Commanders 9 hole course only, accompanied by an adult or accomplished junior golfer, until they achieve a 28 handicap.

Country Members £295

To be eligible for Country Membership you must live at least 80 miles away and you are restricted to 8 weekend visits per year.

Adult 7 day £875

Full free access to both courses, 7 days per week.

Adult 7 day pm £625

This category is for full 7 day membership of both courses for golf after 12pm only.

5 Day Membership £630

This allows you to play weekdays only, it does not include public bank holidays. To play on weekends or bank holidays a separate green fee is payable.

6 Day Membership £800

This category gives you full access to both courses every day of the week except Saturdays.

Pay and Play £250

Gives you all the benefits of membership including the option to have a handicap and play in Club competitions, and with no restrictions on times of play, advanced tee time bookings. Ideal for golfers who play regularly but not enough to justify the benefits of unlimited golf that come with full 5 or 7 day membership.

The amount you can play with this membership is determined by a points system, click here for full details…

Commanders 7 day £470

Full free access to Commanders course only, 7 days per week.

Commanders 5 day £360

Full free access to the Commanders course weekdays.

England Golf Fees

Please note annual membership prices above do not include the mandatory annual England Golf Union fees which are listed below:

Men £19.75
Ladies £18
Juniors £9

Direct Debit Option

Membership fees can also be paid via Monthly Direct Debit (administration charges apply).

Please ask in the Pro Shop for details.

Members Clubs

The members on both courses have created their own Clubs. The members of these courses organise competitions and administrate members golf handicaps on their respective courses. Both Clubs have their own websites, click on the links below, where you can see the list of competitions, results, handicaps and also forthcoming social events and days out.

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